Castle - Beckett looking down


I think it may be time to put this comm on hiatus. I don't know if there's just less people using lj now, if people are just busy, if it's my being busy and not always on time, or what it is, but there seems to be less and less interest. With only 4 entrants this round and only 6 people voting, at this point I'm not sure if it makes sense to continue running new rounds or if I would just be beating a dead horse. I'll still finish up voting and results as best I can with so few people voting, but I think we're going to take a break from running rounds until the fall when the show comes back. If people want to continue I will, but right now I'm not sure there's much interest in this comm anymore.
GaGa - Brave mask


Icons are due in THREE DAYS and we only have 1 entrant! Get those icons in!!

Also, we still need ties broken from Round 31 before I can post the results, so please vote in the tie-breaker if you haven't already.